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Armco Photograph of Glen Canyon

Glen Canyon Dam

The Glen Canyon Dam Digital Exhibit is a collaborative project between the Utah Division of State History and Westminster College. 


"An Enchanted Place": Saltair, 1893-1925

An architectural marvel, Saltair attracted Utahns and tourists from across the social spectrum, inviting all visitors to engage with the Great Salt Lake while enjoying a variety of attractions, live entertainment, and modern amenities.


Primary Source Sets

The Utah Division of State History collects a wide variety of primary sources. Curatorial staff created these primary source sets in order to assist K-12 educators and students with activities and classroom discussions around different topics. Navigate through the menu to the left to learn more!


Coming Together: Utah Becomes the Union’s 45th Star

"That inaguration was more to them than the mere swearing in of new officers. It was the inaguration of a new era in Utah, the insoluble uniting of a divided people, and the cessation forever of all strife between the Mormon and Gentile elements.”
(Mark Drumm, The Bee Hive State, 1896)


Utah 2002 Olympic Legacy Collection

The Utah 2002 Olympic Legacy Collection contains images of events during the 2002 Salt Lake City Olympics and Paralympics. Included are images of artifacts from Utah Division of State History's collection, such as the famous tradable pins. This collection also includes images from the Utah Governor's Olympic Collection which contains images taken by Governor Mike Leavitt's Office during the 2002 Salt Lake City Olympics and Paralympics. The images document Governor Leavitt's activities during both Winter Games as well as different Olympic and Paralympic events, such as the opening ceremonies, medal ceremonies, sports venues, and concerts.